Al Wildlife Federation Wild Turkey Oil Painting by Carol Ferguson Art Wetumka Al Kelly Art Show 2023

 “Old Tom” – An Extraordinary Carol Ferguson Masterpiece SOLD for $10,000

About the Painting: Discover the wild allure of nature in “Old Tom” an extraordinary oil painting by the acclaimed artist Alabama Carol Ferguson. This remarkable piece, showcasing a magnificent wild turkey, unfolds on a custom-made extra-large canvas measuring an impressive 40 inches by 84 inches. Ferguson’s meticulous attention to detail and her ability to capture the essence of wildlife make this painting a true masterpiece.

Size and Medium: The custom-made canvas, measuring 40 inches by 84 inches, provides an expansive canvas for the wild turkey to come to life. The larger-than-life dimensions allow viewers to immerse themselves in the details of each stroke and color, creating an immersive experience that truly brings the majestic creature to the forefront. The choice of oil as the medium adds depth and richness, enhancing the visual impact of this captivating artwork.

Accepted in the Alabama Wildlife Federation Art Competition: “Old Tom” was not only a visual triumph but also gained recognition in the prestigious Alabama Wildlife Federation Art Competition. The painting’s acceptance into this esteemed competition is a testament to Carol Ferguson’s mastery in capturing the essence of Alabama’s diverse wildlife. This accolade further solidifies the painting’s significance in the realm of nature-inspired art.

Swift Success: The moment “Old Tom” was unveiled, it captured the hearts of art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. During its public debut, the painting garnered immense attention and admiration, leading to an astonishing sale. In a mere three seconds, this masterpiece found a new home, demonstrating the immediate and profound impact of Ferguson’s work. The speed of its sale not only speaks to the painting’s allure but also to the fervor with which collectors sought to possess this rare gem.

Significance of the Wild Turkey: The wild turkey, a symbol of freedom and natural beauty, takes center stage in “Old Tom.” Ferguson’s ability to capture the spirit and vitality of this iconic bird elevates the painting beyond a mere representation; it becomes a celebration of the untamed majesty that nature offers. The detailed feathers, vibrant colors, and lifelike expression evoke a sense of connection with the wild, making this artwork a cherished addition to any collection.

A Collector’s Gem: With its acceptance in the Alabama Wildlife Federation Art Competition and its swift sale at $10,000, “Old Tom” has not only earned critical acclaim but has also become a collector’s gem. Possessing this painting means owning a piece of art history that encapsulates the beauty of Alabama’s wildlife and the talent of a renowned artist.

In Conclusion: Carol Ferguson’s “Old Tom” transcends the boundaries of conventional wildlife art, inviting viewers to experience the untamed beauty of a wild turkey on a grand scale. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a nature enthusiast, this painting stands as a testament to the power of art to capture the essence of the natural world.